Logan Ryu has submitted a great parody of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper. It goes a little something like this:

The spell goes off and the charge begins
But on the OP no one wins
The smell of burning tapers and gromnie breath
As I charge along into certain death

Head over to our Parody section for the rest of The Melee. Nice job, Logan!

You know, I just can’t understand it, but our parody section is decidedly lacking in boy-band parodies. Hmmm. I throw down the gauntlet! A challenge! If you’ve got the stomach for it, seek out and parody a boy-band song. And to show my commitment, I will come up with one, too. You’ve been warned… >:^}

Be they rock, country, blues, or swing, Crossroads wants your parodies. Send them in!

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