Asherons Call: New Quest Walkthroughs Added!

Our intrepid staff members have slugged through marshes, bleak deserts, and magic-blasted crags to bring you this pair of quests.

Far to the southwest of the Direlands, the Singularity Caul has been shattered! The Shadows have once again claimed the island for theirs, and the taint of their darkness has affected all the local fauna. The Niffis and Nefanes are no exception. But, this is not all ill news. The magics that have warped them have also imbued their shells with mystical properties of defense. Read the full write-up here.

That’s not all they’ve found. They’ve also discovered the where-abouts of the missing husband of Talira Dain. It appears that her husband has disappeared while exploring an ancient temple in the desert crags to the west of Candeth Keep. To discover there fate of Gareth Dain, read the write-up here.

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