In record time, the devs have transferred the entire Solclaim server over to the new hardware and everything seems to be running just fine. John from the AC2 Live Team left a note for everyone:

Hey gang,
We have completed the Solclaim migration to the new, improved and much more shiny hardware. The process only took about an hour and the world is back online and taking on users as we speak.
Now that the migration is complete, we’d like to hear your feedback, especially if you are experiencing any issues with being able to connect to the world, any gameplay issues, etc. If you’re having problems doing the things you normally do on Solclaim, please let us know so we can identify any issues you might be experiencing and get them resolved ASAP. If you’re experiencing any increased performance as a result of the upgrade, we’d like to know that too.

If you have something to say about the changes, pen a post at the AC Message Boards.

Thanks to Sgt. Canuck for the update.

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