Asherons Call: New Year’s Day King Quest Marathon (Leafcull)

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This marathon will no doubt include a large number of players. For this reason please do not @tell Madaster anything and expect an immediate response.

It is best if you go to the Leafcull Coalition website (password is coalition), and download the Leafcull Coalition Chat plugin (decal based) located in the Third Party Applications Menu … or for the lazy, click here. Unzip, install.

This chat plugin works server wide. On your Decal bar open up Leafcull Coalition Chat and select the “Connect” button. You can then set the key you wish to use to chat, by default it is “i”. To chat just type “/i message”

If you are anti-Decal, or do not wish to use the plugin, there will be a BOT in marketplace announcing what King the group is on, the estimated departure time for the next quest, and the meeting places.

The quest leader will not fight until he reaches the King room. Instead, he will be carrying a brightly coloured flag so that nobody gets lost.

The Leafcull Coalition members are seasoned questers and will be sure to help out via the LCC chat plugin with the puzzles, directions, etc.

If you have further questions, post them on the Leafcull Coalition site in this thread: New Year’s Madness – All the Kings.

Or you can post the questions to our Leafcull Forum (Link below)

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