Devastator had this to pass along to all you mages out there:

[i]I wanted to take the time and send this out to let everyone know that I have launched an Exclusive Site for the Mages of Asheron’s Call. This site is going to be dedicated in bringing all the news and informative articles for those who chose the path of the Arcane Arts upon the wonderful world of Dereth.

The site is still undergoing some changes but has withstood the bug testing I and many others have currently undergone. The Mage Community (or forums are going to be run by Moderators (of which I will have a sign up and try out for soon) and the News will be mostly player Submitted (which will be handled properly and highlighted by the site admins).

I’ve made this site with help from a lot of the AC mage community and wanted them to know I will bring them the best Mage Information possible!

You can find it at

Thank you,
Devastator, columnist at ACVault
aka The Nexxuvas

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