Asherons Call: Orion Answers On Monster Rebalancing


Phergus asks: A lot of the monsters have noticably higher melee defense and yet lower levels.
Try taking on an Executor. Sheesh. Prior to this patch I could take one out alone but it wasn’t easy and I generally didn’t bother. Now with two of us we could barely hit it and were hitting for less. Couldn’t get it below 50% health until we finally just cranked the power way down and just ran it out of stamina. They weren’t really worth the trouble before and now they definitely aren’t.
Orion: As part of the rebalancing effort the levels of creatures were brought down across the board. Before it was near impossible to determine how difficult a creature was based off of its level.
Now you should be able to tell where you have a shot at it. There are some instances where classes of damage were never meant to be effective against a creature that still exist, the Executor is a good example, but rest assured that there are creatures that are very rewarding for your hunting preference.

Eolorian asks:Just curious, now that monsters have such high melee defense, will we finally see a bludgeon weapon for sword class. We are already outgunned by archers and mages and now it is easier for that to happen. Now the critters with low resistance to bludgeon and high resistance to others, all others except dagger will own over sword characters including the already overpowered UA class which is the only one which has every damage class.
On top of that, critter and item are made a necessary component if you dont want to use a buffbot.
This is why the test should have been at the same time to see how all three types would fair.
I dont mind that the defenses were upped, just that its one more thing that shows sword should either get a 4 point skill reduction or allowed to access all damage types.
Orion:: Sword is not getting a bludgeon any time soon, perhaps ever.
Melee defense remains the least affected skill that was adjusted. Only creatures that needed to have their resistance levels adjusted (re. Elementals) had those stats touched.
I’m not sure that creature magic is a necessity with the ability to wear creature spells, but item is a definite bonus.
Swords balance is faster/higher base damage.

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