Asherons Call: Paraduck’s ACVault Updates


Get your fan fiction fix with…
Grog of Nothing, Chapter 15: Ayan at Last. This week, Grog arrives at Ayan and meets the legendary Max Fox! Chosen Catastrophe’s Chapter 27! AC Vault’s newest player submitted story “Obsidian Nights” by ElizabethTC (Casius of Leafcull.) Also, the second chapter of “End of Days” has been posted! Here’s a sample:

As she approached, all that could be seen was a blood soaked body slung across the shoulders of a much smaller person. A large man with a sword at his side and the wrinkles of a man well past his youth jumped up and ran towards Fu’an.

And the latest issue of DerethPan: Issue 6 Landmarks, prismatic1 covers an Empyrean Carving on a hill and the Nanto Waterfall! There has been a major update to the Fashion section of ACVault.

On the newsfront of ACVault:
AC1 CD Key Contest Results are in! Go here to view the list of winners! Issue 18 of the HG Weekly News has been posted! Go here to get the latest info from the Harvestgain server. Zuizide has launched the interviews section in the Frostfell Weekly Times: Issue 8! Click here to read a lengthy interview with Absolution, one of Frostfell’s newest monarchs, as well as find your usual news.In this week’s issue of the Wintersebb Weekly Times, Buttons interviews Tim of Wintersebb and more! Developer’s Digest, Week 42 is released.

In Player Submitted Section Updates, you will find a Parody by Callista Brighteyes of Solclaim titled “Another Queen Bites the Dust!” and Kal’Seth of MT’s artwork: a vision of an Olthoi Prince!

And my favorite ACVault Update, the Top 10 list: How to attract a New Vassal!

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