Asherons Call: Post-Patch Q&A Part 1

jet-eye-nite wrote: did you change loot profile on Cabs,titans ? Or did the last 60 of them I killed just fit into the variance of bad luck ? Like Jim C said in the Mask “somebody slap me”

Orion: Bad luck, no change. [/p]

Genji-Glove wrote: With the new high AL robes out it would be nice to see the old matty robes and others get a boost, It just makes it a bit more fun if there is a selection of good quality robes to choose from so that people are not all wearing the same armor.

Orion: We made nearly 24 hours before the first post one this! 🙂 We’ll be looking at them in time.

Scorpirus wrote: the new drudge charms cant be recharged? i cant use any type of mana charge on my cabalist charm necklace. is this by design or is this a bugged necklace the collector gave me?

Orion: Interesting, I’ll check on that. If it can be fixed it will be for December.

Televangelist wrote: Which of the new rewards are for this month ONLY? Considering the blending of trophies for high-level monsters along with the holiday items, it can be somewhat hard for us to tell which of the new items are only available during this month.

Orion: Anything that deals with a Harbinger trophy is a permanent fixture.

KillaKlan wrote: What everever happend to “Admin and Dev interaction” that the Devs use to do like G-man Envading? I have been thinking about it and it has been pissing me off. It seems to me that interaction with the players just vanished.

Orion: There are only so many hours in the day. We like interaction too, but we also realize that we need to keep delivering content each month. Every moment that we jump into the worlds for Live Ops takes away from that, or is done on our own time.
There was a smattering of live ops run during the Olthoi Arc, not as much as there was during the Gaerlan arc, but then again how interesting would ‘chitter, chitter, rawr, booga, booga’ really been? 😉
We do like doing them, so don’t think that they are gone, they’re just on hiatus.

-Slyzer- wrote: New Leather Helm Bug? I hunted and found 4 leather helms, 3 brown and 1 blue. I could wield the blue one but when I tried to wield the brown helms, it said “Leather Helm cannot be wielded.” for each one.

Scenario: After investigating it last night, and thanks to Srand for a look over how the helms were generated, it appears as though the new leather helms can currently generate in colors that they were not initially designed to work with. This results in the helm being unequippable. If you come across a new leather helm that you really want to wear, you can resolve this by applying a dye color to the helm. This will give it a new color that it was designed to work with and allow you to equip it. This issue should be resolved in our next update, until then, bust out the dye colors for those leather helms you can’t wield but really want to.

vn_lilkinsly wrote: Problems with the Chalk boards. Firstly. Sometimes when you click them, they appear to be blank and you cant write on them. You need to keep clicking them over and over to see the words or write.
Second. They look kind of crappy. I mean no offense intended. But they look pretty bad. If you hang them on the 2 hooks at the front of a mansion, parts of them are hacked off and missing.

Scenario: I am looking into giving the Chalkboards a new look for December. Something that represents what they are a bit better.

vn_lilkinsly wrote: Please increase the AL on Leather Armor. The new armor looks great. Really great. The problem is that if you want to wear it and look good, you are taking a fairly large hit in AL.
Not asking for a large increase, just a small one, maybe put it up around Chain maybe.
Yes, I know that isn’t really realistic, but it would add more variety to the armor scene.

Scenario: Over time, I plan on introducing art upgrades to most of our existing armors. So you can look forward to upgrades in the look of Studded Leather, Yoroi, Celdon, and the rest as time progresses (though when is something that has yet to be determined ) As I have said elsewhere, any new armor art upgrades will not effect existing armor, because we know some people love their armor as it is now.

Bored_Troll-HG wrote: Is that a complimentary white hood with your eye patch? What the heck is that white thing behind my head when I put my eye patch on? I made a bald character and it looks like he’s wearing a hair piece now.
Is that supposed to be there or is that a graphical mess up?

Scenario: When you put on the eye patch, your hair grows (or it may not grow, depending on the head model you choose). This is by design. A side effect of this is characters who chose not to have any hair will appear to be balding (this includes both male and female avatars).

Darius_of_the_Nexus wrote: Mansions: Will there ever be any Mansion love coming our way? I am sure writeable chalkboards are nice and all, but 3 boards just dont seem to be ringing any bells for me. My guild got a hold of a Mansion before Villas got the “Monarchy Upgrade” and I just don’t see the merit of having a really, really, really big Villa.
Anyone know of anything in the works for something that will be exclusive to Mansions that will be somewhat useful (Oh, and 10 writs and 4 MMDs seems a bit much for a “big villa” as well)?

srand: *looks at the immense amount of new tech that went into chalkboards* I don’t expect players to be able to tell what’s really exciting new underlying tech and what’s just tech being put to a new use — which is why I let you know that chalkboards represent exciting new tech.

Autumns-eve wrote: Chalkboard features, that could use a fix. chalkboards can be erased by anyone, I do not know if this was intended, I personally do not agree with this feature, I think only owner should be able to do this. A hooked chalkboard… when the owner double clicks on it some of the time it opens the hook, & other times it gives axess to write on it, Owner shouldent have to mess with it forever to get it to do what they want.

Zyrca: It sounds like what you want is a plaque They behave in exactly the same manner as the chalkboards except only the first person to write on it can change the text on it.
Make sure your house hooks are set to off (@house hooks off) before using the chalkboard or plaque. If the hooks are on, then you can open the hook, if they are off, you attempt to use the item on the hook.
EDIT: We are aware that there can be some difficulty opening the chalkboards and are looking into it.

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