Venya wrote: I didn’t think it was possible to get a ‘Damage’ at 393 cooking.  Is it that the Reedshark robe (Hearty) has a very high dye difficulty, or did I just get (un)lucky?
srand:Any time you fail it is possible to damage the target[/p]

MannyCalavera wrote: Weeping Weapons question. I have almost max melee defense and I get hit by level 70s with like 350 skill because I have no defense mod yet they have what 29% to attack?  I suggest either make them not ignore defender or take the attack mod off.  Then it would come down to buffed attack skill vs buffed defense skill.  I know some people will argue that you get a 15% bonus to melee defense to your target, to make it fair, even make the attack mod 15% (total).  But my lord +29% is way too much when people don’t have a defense mod.  Keeping it the way it is now just promotes ganks.

Ibn: The weeping weapons do not ignore any defender mod on the target’s weapon. We actually couldn’t even make them do this if we wanted to, it’s not in tech currently.

Maddy wrote: I love the @day command, Now if it was under the character options where I could have it on all the time by default, it would be great!

srand: For the record, @day was functionality we happened to have lying around that we were able to expose to players pretty easily. Making it work in dungeons, however, and even having it persist across logins both require a good bit of extra work that we just haven’t had time for, given our other priorities. So for right now we figured we’d at least give you the functionality as it exists. Oh, I’m sure that if we were considering making it work in dungeons we’d have several heated team debates about the mood issue. But to my engineer’s mind, that doesn’t matter at all until we have the resources to consider it.

Ivanhoedt wrote: Can we get a @Quest Timer command?? That shows our current timers on all time releated quests?
Ibn: This is something we definately want to do, but as always resource scheduling is the big issue. No promises, no ETA, but we agree that it’d be a useful feature.

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