imagePostcards from Dereth is proud to present the second submission in the series by Rathmall & Sunflash of Wintersebb; The Bunny Shrine.

“I had no idea that travel involved so much getting up early and lugging heavy packs about, the books make it sound so glamorous. We started off at some ungodly hour, catching a portal to Shoushi from our Monarch the great Drudge Lord. Once there we spent a good part of the morning “planning our route” in the Black Swan Inn, (Jaikite Sanzen the barkeeper sells excellent apple pie). Needless to say when all was said and done we only made it to the Bunny Shrine just down the road, but I argue that it is an important part of the local scene. What better place to worship our fluffy tailed friends? Better here than out in that cave in the Direlands, Jaikite says that there a most foul and ill tempered rodent lives. But I’m sure that’s just a small town rumor, what kind of rabbit can smite an Isparian?”

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