imageWell, so much for sleeping under the stars. After a series of unfortunate events (burnt food, rain, hungry rabbits, and bugs lodged into unnatural places) we thought it best to move our camp away from the bunny shrine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for camping, in theory. But after sitting down on a log, by the nice fire to enjoy a warm meal of burnt coleslaw (don’t ask) and Cragstone Farms mac and cheese, only to discover the so called log is in fact the upper lever of a subterranean Phyntos wasp hive, one is allowed to change their mind about camping. Nursing stings and rain soaked pride we decided to relocate to Shoushi for the remainder of the night. Today we take leave of the nice, comfortable, inviting, quaint… (*sigh) town, and, depending on the weather, our goal is to reach the summit of Mount Shoushi and the lands beyond. I have purchased a large club with a modified frying pan attached to its end for any future bug problems.

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