Since the first Pyreal Rat reprint, I’ve gotten a number questions about what he’s been up to. When I forwarded those questions to the Rat himself, here’s what he had to say:

Me and a friend at work decided we needed something to do while there’s downtime during MMORPG’s so we started hosting a few web games. One’s called Black Nova Traders which is a clone of the old Tradewars game and the other is Legend of the Green Dragon which is a clone of another old game, Legend of the Red dragon. Not sure if you wanna plug me or not, it’s all free and of the 600 people who currently play on it, probably 550 of them are from EQ, SWG, or DAOC.

For anyone interested in renewing old acquaintances, Pyreal Rat can be contacted at [email protected]. In the meantime, everyone else can feel free to read the second reprint we have on file.

Read Pyreal (reprint 2), “The Pit of Fat Robed Kids Wearing Masks – December 29, 1999”. Or discuss it here.

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