It should come as a surprise to no one that AC is married to the Zone, and that the Zone is married to Passport. And its because of this that out of the MM type games out there AC has one of the most complicated login processes out there — having anywhere from 5 to 10 step just to get to the play button. Its tedious, its outmoded, and it tends to frustrate and agravate players who just want to play the game.

Some third party applications show that logging in to both the Zone and Passport and getting to the play button can be as simple as one little click of a button. Even AC2 (which is just as married to the Zone and Passport as AC1 is) had a login client that avoided showing web pages and even avoided the mostly-useless-to-an-AC-player ZoneFriends. So obviously MS and Turbine realize that no one likes the AC login, otherwise why change it for AC2.

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