Asherons Call: Quest Update: Atlan Weapons

During the first shadow war between the dark forces and the people of the Yalani Empire, Lord Atlan discovered a way to forge new enchantable weapons from raw pyreal to combat their latest enemy. By empowering these weapons with magical stones, they could be given the power of the very elements themselves.

When the shadows rose again in the service of their dark master Bael’Zharon during the “Shadows of the Past” event, also uncovered were the methods of forging these weapons. While not as powerful as the original ones used by the Empyrean, one could still imbue them with additional power with the mystical stones found in newly discovered vaults left behind by the Yalain.

The mysterious events surrounding the “Heart of Woe” event have now brought renewed power to the ancient Empyrean weapons making them once again powerful tools that come to our aid none too soon!

Be sure to check them out in our updated Atlan Weapons Quest writeup!

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