imageThere is nothing quite like setting up camp, out under the vast raw beauty of the nights sky, festooned with the glittering fragments of starlight, only to discover that someone forgot the flint back where we stayed in town! Fortunately, the spare wand that Sunflash had in his pack appeared to have been imbued with a fire bolt. After a few minutes of fizzles and some mild cursing, we realized the thing was out of manna. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the Titan manna charge I had been saving. Pulling out the pulsating shard we transferred the power to the wand with a great pop of energy. Sunflash held the wand at arms length, pointing at the wood we had gathered. Neither of us were skilled enough in war magic to evaluate how strong the fire bolt really was from just looking at it, but the massive fireball that blossomed from its tip and incinerated the wood, ground, grass. and palm trees twenty paces down the hill, told us it was pretty darn strong. We managed to gather bits of flaming foliage from the surrounding area and construct a suitable fire, however it might be a few days before Sunflashes eyebrows and beard return to their natural luster.

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