Hail and well met WCoDers

December already. Shopping done and there’s snow on the ground 🙂

On Harvestgain, Whitestr18 bemoans the economy compared to other servers. Khamon offers a theory about why HG is more expensive. Are there economists from SC, DT, LC . . . that have opinions?

In AC Discussions, Halaliel has re-posted an essay by Ryiinn_Gwyndylin, ‘What’s wrong with AC these days?’ I am currently starting on two worlds I’ve never played and my opinion is that beginning is more fun than it ever was. What’s your take?

Over at the Halls of Lore, Tabu asks about the history of the Obsidian Enchantresses. I remember bumping in to the Samsur one with my first gimp so they’ve been about forever. Does some loremaster have some insite?

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