Hail and well met WCoDers

In Halls of Lore, Uzi-El claims to have found The Best Vendor Quote Ever. My personal fav is the mage in Khayyaban who says, ‘Al-Arqas is the nearest town and that is many miles to the north.’ There may be a split in the mage community as a lot of Arcanum activity takes place in Xarabydun, which is roughly half way to Al-Arqas.

Blood Knight has found a bit of silliness in General Community. On a similar note someone has objected to ‘master and slave’ usage for hard drives. Are there more?

Going back to the Halls of Lore, Erie seems a bit dis-satisfied with the recent lore involving Fort Tethana. Even [email protected] got involved. I tried to get my axer into Teth at the height of the Renegade occupation. Maybe they left when they saw the quality of my DI’s 🙂

Be well


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