Asherons Call: Sashh’ Selections


Once again we delve into the depths for my personal thoughts and what interested me.

On the Leafcull forum, Old Banko is trying to decide what kind of character he should build. However there are restrictions, ‘And no, im not gonna be a war mage even if they are STILL the best class.’ Surely there is help for Banko. and surely there are mages that have thoughts on his bias 🙂

Over on Frostfell, Roshelle is able to sit up and take nourishment again after a bout with the flu. I quit smoking after a similar down-time. Join Roshelle as she learns how much 3 days away can mean.

Aviendha has an interesting discussion going on in The Tavern after wondering if High Queen Elysa will recover.

Be well

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