[I]While the server will need a restart it should be up through tomorrow and we are sure that some devs, and admins will be about to harass and entertain you throughout the day!

For the moment though the events are over aside from any that adveturous admins might still have up their sleeves!

Thanks Again![/i]

Well thats it for the day. Bael is defeated and the world can now recover. The Citizenry of Dereth can now go about cleaning up the mess that has been left behind from the invasions that have stormed through their towns in waves.

The Scribes at the College of Heraldry were able to compile a visual record of the days events using high quality Image Crystals.

Feel free to visit the Gallery and view the Display:

The Beginning

Shadow Assault

Bael’Zharon Makes a Friend

The Olthoi Queen attacks Marae Lassel

The Final Defense

What will tomorrow bring?
Will Bael return to try again?
Will Martine make an appearance?
Perhaps Gaerlin will come out of the shadows to release his minions on an unsuspecting land.

We will just have to wait and see.

Tune in tomorrow for the continueing Drama of Shadowclaim!!!

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