This just in; Shadow forces retreat from the world. But their slumber will not last long.

A menacing and vile voice pours over the mountains and into the valleys spreading a seed ovf corruption in its wake: “Asheron! I shall marshal my forces for a final assault against you within the hour. You have no hope of saving this world.. Child of Light!”

The Tumeroks have allied with the Humans! In an attempt to make up for all the terror and pain they have caused over the years. the Tumerok’s have decided to help defend the land of Dereth from the invading hoards.

Aun T has entered into the Marketplace to help aid the defenders of Dereth to gain the ultimate power and skill necessary to protect the land.

In the latest series of raids on the peaceful townfolk of Dereth, Shadows have launched devestating assaults on the following cities so far: Shoushi, Kryst, Teth, Greenspire, Bluespire, Mayoi, Khayabban, Yaraq, Ayan Baqur, Uziz and Glendenwood.

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