Asheron’s Voice booms across the land saying:

My thanks to you defenders of Dereth. You have helped me rid this reflection of a world from the dreaded hopeslayer.

Bael’Zharon screams in agony. “No! This cannot be! Rend them! Rend them limb from limb in my memoreeeeeeeee…..” The scream tapers off.

Bael’Zharon has found Lord Asheron, and takes the battle to him in Chalicmere Castle.

Bael retreats from the Defenders of Holtburg!!!! In an incredible display of Teamwork and Bravery, the Defenders of Holtburg drive off the Hope Slayer. Seeing that his physical body was in jeapardy, Bael runs from the field of battle.

Yaraq falls to Bael, the battle rages on in Holtburg.

Shoushi Falls to Bael’Zharon, the battle moves to Yaraq.

Bael’Zharon, the Dark Lord, speaks: “Asheron, you simpering fool! The time has come! My followers and I will crunch your tiny cities beneath our heels!”

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