Assaults on Dereth have subsided for the moment. The following towns came under attack today: Tufa, Uziz, Sawato, Yaraq, Holtburg, Kara, Shoushi, Ayan Baqur and Rithwic.

Mahogany Chests found in Kara and Rithwic.

Rune Chests found in Shoushi.

Sing Troves found in Shoushi, Ayan Baqur, Hebian-to and Yaraq.

Stay tuned to this channel for further news throughout the day.


Drudge Seraph’s Assault Rithwic!!
Reinforced Mahogany Chests found in Rithwic!!

Defenders of Shoushi are Victorious!!

Defenders of Kara are Victorious!!

Shadows assault Ayan Baqur!!

Grievers and Shadows in Kara overwhelming local defenses. Adventurers calling for aid!!

Assault on Shoushi!!!

Bile Grievers IN Kara!!!


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