Asherons Call: Siraluun Matihao… Available Now!! Get Them While They’re Hot!


Do you ever feel afraid of the dark?

Do you wonder if that Lugian that is following you is up to no good?

Have you ever been accosted by a Drudge in a dark alley wanting to rob you of your hard earned loot?

Well Fear No More!!

Hea Ihipura of Ahurenga has the perfect solution for you. Just Zap the nasty little buggers with your own Siraluun Matihao.

Pump a few million volts into them and knock them silly. It works especially well on Lugians (though they deny it whole heartedly).

Get Yours Today!!

Please visit Marae Lassel Tourist Center for details.

(Batteries not included. Aquisition of Siraluun claws is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Hea Ihipura is not responsible for any deaths or dismemberments that may occur while hunting for said Siraluun claw. Applicable tax, license and registration fees may apply. Siraluun’s not available in all areas of Dereth.)

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