So, I never officially announced it but some of you have noticed that Trai has gone from blue to green on the boards. She’s the new Assistant Site Manager in Training. Sounds special doesn’t it? Dotcher called it “Ophelea’s Lackey”.

What many of you many not know is Trai once before changed colors, from red to white. She began on Darktide and has only been playing on the white servers for a little over a year. Add to that she’s female. This gives her a bit of a unique perspective on gameplay.

Her Soapbox, Chasing the Portal Storm, laments the “emptiness” of towns in Dereth these days. In it, she offers some well thought-out ideas and supports them in a manner that shows she’s taken into account both the red and white servers – something very difficult to do.

I don’t miss portal storms, but I miss towns. Her ideas are intriguing, and hopefully not out of the realm of possibility.

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