LOTS of talk has been going around about the money exploit. Some are truly up in arms and ready to quit. Some don’t get what the big deal is. Other’s state they could make more money hunting and have more fun. srand has explained (in book form) why they won’t hotfix.

But none of these addresses the issue of what is the currency in Dereth? Is it shards? plast? sings? I remember when it was motes. Which is odd in a game that has coin. And why don’t pyreals have value? Is it because most of the supplies you need you can loot (minus plats)?

El Scorcho steps up on our Soapbox today to discuss just these questions. What is an economy? And what SHOULD the economy in Dereth be based upon in http://ac.warcry.com/columns/showarticle.php?id=310” title=”” target=”_blank”>In Response to Ranador’s Rant About the Dereth Economy.

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