About two weeks ago I sent out the following to oh, 50 people who frequent this site regarding a new soapbox series (I’d hoped to get 10=20% response):

[i]YOU have just been hired at Turbine for 2 weeks – 10 working days. (yes, you can work 12 hours). In those two weeks you can fix anything you want IF it can be fixed. So, if they’ve said “outside our engine” it doesn’t count. If they’ve said “we’re still working on it” sure, you can fix that. You’re god-like Turbine developers!

You can fix bugs. You can create new weapons. You can finish tinkering. You can finish lore. You can make cooking the most uber skill out there and people will give up their battle mages for it!

Now, here’s the kicker…

You’ve got to give me 500+ words (its got to be DISCUSSABLE not a list) of what you want to fix/create, WHY you want to fix/create it and WHAT it will become.

[/i] Only one, that I am aware of, is an actual programmer, so this will give us an opportunity to really see what the readers want. To date, I’ve gotte a few back and so we’re going to kick off that series today. To those who said it would be a week, I’m holding you to it!

Our first author is Trai. Those of you who know Trai know her as one of the very few female Darktide proponents. Never afraid to get into a scuffle, but always as intelligent as she can be when riled, she’s very much worth following on the boards. However, I’ll have to teach her that groups of paragrapshs that have 1-20 and A-G are INDEED list. *grins*

She takes on a lot of PK, a lot of annoyance and alot of things she’d like to make FUN in her Trai’s Two Weeks at Turbine.

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