Asherons Call: Soapbox – Spells Tinkering


It’s funny how Tinkering has polarized the player base. One side thinks it’s made the game more fun than ever (I fall on that side), the othe side thinks it’s been its downfall (I understand that argument, I just don’t agree).

We’re all waiting for the next set of tinkering, somewhere after the end of creature rebalancing and updating quests; and we’ve all offered our ideas on what the next tinker should be.

Today’s Soapbox, Spells Tinkering, is an idea I haven’t seen before. Remove a spell from one item and add it to another. One wonders if the tech is there to accomplish that. Either way, Maethon of Harvestgain, took some time and really thought this out.

*boggles at moving majors on to all of her doh! covenant armor*

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