Hail fellow CoD’ers! Time once again for the SCW! This week there was a lot going on, so it makes for a nice big issue!

I give some insight on the Madness of Men event, as well as the new +Envoys. Luang and Kyri have had a baby boy, and you can get all the info here. Plenty of weddings to be had lately too, SC is the place for love apparently! D’sanais ChatCrayon plugin has been updated, so check that out. Also, Cutchaguy had yet another cool Win a Major contest.. and this time it wasn’t crappy! The Renegade Website has a new host, and brand spanking new boards!

Having trouble getting a Villa? Many are, so check out what I have to say on this. Have you thought about how we are going to reclaim our accounts once Turbine fully takes over? I have some warnings here and info you should be aware of. Scams are more prevelent than ever, especially in the MP. I list some names to look out for, and give some tips. The last 5 answers for the trivia contest are here, as well as the last 4 settlements from around Cragstone.

This and another 3,500 words can be had here!

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