Asherons Call: Solclaim Weekly – Issue #38


Hello once again fellow CoDers! Yet another SCW is upon us, and this ones chalked full of Solclaim goodness!

This week you can read about the latest event, with many of my opinions. CD Keys are now available for purchase, as we all know. I ordered one over the weekend, I will let you know how it went!

Ellen Ripley has launched a new column here, where she interviews greats from Solclaim! Bou Te and Ms Manners got hitched over the weekend, info and pics inside!

GSquared01 lead a very successful Invoker quest, that took near 7 hours to complete! D’sanai released a new version of his Tie Tracker, read about it’s new features.

Plus, we visit the next 4 settlements from around the Sawato area! All this and a lot more can be had here! Thanks!

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