Asherons Call: Solclaim Weekly – Issue #40

The past week I have been busy with my own website [Lineage WarCry], and the games open beta, so much so that I didn’t have time to work on my SCW. But, my good friend Rapa Nui wouldn’t think of letting a week go without one being published!

This weeks topics include buffing updates.. Rapa explains what’s in store. The LttP has been released as well.. already! Time flies!

There’s a Rage’ette on the way! Read about it here!! Another marriage has happened over the week as well, you have to check it out! There is a server-wide get together that you will certainly want to check out.. it’s for a good reason!

Ever wonder what time it is in Dereth? Now you won’t be wondering anymore, once you see Rapa’s chart! ALSO, last but never least, there are two mansions on the market.. so if you are interested, read here!

You can read this weeks issue here! Thanks to Rapa for writing up such a great issue! Enjoy : o)

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