The two Soapboxes posted today are of divergent themes yet both concerned with the upcoming changes in loot and well…general game dynamics – especially concerning PK. It’s most interesting to me that one came in after both Letters to the Players and the “PK” Chat. I’ll let you wonder which is which.

We all love, live and stay in Dereth for really one reason – it changes. Often enough that every 6-8 months we’re playing differently than before. It’s also the reason we scream, cry, cajole and berate Turbine – our beloved Dereth is constantly changing. Change in and of itself is rarely a bad thing – it allows us to grow, adapt and in the case of AC, have something new to do. Yet, there are many among us who like the constancy of knowing exactly what to expect. Somewhere between the two lies the answer to everything. I’ll stop philosophizing now and let you see what Maddy Thinks About the Loot Changes and what Aphurius, an Unhappy Darktider.

>>>Discuss – PK Changes Abound

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