New Column: Tales of a Jell

Please welcome Jellyroll of Morningthaw as ACVault’s newest columnist! He will be writing “Tales of a Jell”, which, in his own words, is an ongoing series of articles about the experiences of Jellyroll of Morningthaw. Each article will tell a story or be an exposition helping others to better themselves by learning from past experiences, either in game or out of game(but always related to the game), of Jellyroll. Each article will include a lesson, a morale, or a really cool song and dance number by an anteater. It is hoped that all of us – the author and the readers – will learn something from this article.

[I]I originally thought I’d start this off with an introduction to what this series would be about – but something far more important came up recently that I feel I should share with you all. For those of you that read the Morningthaw Server boards – you may have read most of this. But I suggest you all read it again, as it can be very beneficial to each and every person out there.

Here’s some background on the recent events: For those of you that do not read the message boards, it’s tradition when posters get 5k, 10k, 20k, etc. posts to give them a ban. It’s in good humor and no one stays banned for more than 5-10 minutes. I recently was victim to a 5k traditional ban. For those that do not know, I am a moderator on the boards as well. So I had to have my moderator powers taken from me in order to be banned. While I was banned, as well as while I was preparing to be banned, I had some time to think.

I lead an overwhelmed life. I had a lot of recent tragic occurrences involving my family recently – mainly with the deaths of my stepsister and stepmother. I lost my scholarship in college due to a poor showing in grades one semester. My car is having problems and no one wants to hire a student who doesn’t have a reliable ride. How do I pay to have my car repaired or get a new car when I can’t get a job because my car is not working? *sigh*

But I digress. The point of this all is that while I was banned, I took a look at things. I started making priorities. I decided that I needed to cut back on the things causing the most stress and that gave back the least. One of these was my moderating the message boards. I will still be moderating – but nowhere near the commitment I had before. It’s a very thankless job. At least… it was.


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