I recently had the opportunity to chat with Keeper, the Turbine Artist responsible for AC2 creatures, textures, and favorite vacation spots like the Tou-Tou Lighthouse. We talked at length about her job at Turbine, including a bit of what she is doing on her current project, Middle Earth Online. I think you’ll find she’s as fine a storyteller as she is an artist!

[I]I sprinted to the store and bought Asheron’s Call. Well, it wasn’t Riven, graphically, but in a matter of days my father and I were practically arm-wrestling to determine whose turn it was to be chased down Eastham beach by blue gromnies and phyntos wasps. And then I got a phone call from Turbine. Would I like to come up for an interview? Would a vegan at a barbecue like tofu?

[/I]This interview (if I do say so myself) is a fascinating and fun look at what it is like to do art in the games industry. And yes, I’m afraid it looks to be exactly as awesome as you and I dream it could be.

[B]Turbine Dev Interview: Keeper, AC2 Artist[/b]

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