Map of Al-Arqas

History of Al-Arqas
While sparse, if you’ve been traveling through the featureless desert for days on end, Al-Arqas is a hub of bustling activity. Its welcoming geyser feeding the green of the valley truly makes this an oasis of civilization.

This community is a perfect rest stop for travelers moving through the desert. You can reequip, sell your excess goods to the many merchants, or simply rest your feet. Its obvious even the people of the Empyrean Empire thought the place was special. The presence of several stone guardians around the geyser is proof enough of this.

The dunes surrounding Al-Arqas are filled with various camps of drudges and the occasional shreth. But one should still travel carefully. Not to far away lie areas occupied by more dangerous creatures including the undead. If you get lost, you may also be lucky enough to stumble across the tents of people like the wandering archmage (34.3S, 14.4E) where you can briefly rest and recoup. If you’re lucky they may even be willing to trade with you for the items you seek.

Nearby Attractions

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Abandoned Shops Portal 32.3 S, 12.7 E Dungeon
Adara al-Rajin (NPC) 31 S, 13.7 E Vendor
Al-Arqas Settlement Portals 33.5 S, 13.1 E Portal Hub
Al-Arqas to Samsur 32.6 S, 14.4 E Town Portal
Bluespire Portal 28.3 S, 13.6 E Town Portal
Desert Lifestone 32.5 S, 15.9 E Lifestone
Desert Ruin 31.8 S, 15.8 E Dungeon
Drudge Crypt 27.8 S, 12.1 E Landmark
Festival Stone of Solclaim 30.8 S, 17.1 E Landmark
Jalina al-Hajj (NPC) 31.3 S, 13.9 E Vendor
Mannikin Foundry Portal 31.2 S, 13.8 E Dungeon
Mannikin Foundry to Nanto 31.2 S, 13.8 E Underground Portal
Northern Al-Arqas Lifestone 28.1 S, 13.8 E Lifestone
Unfinished Temple 30.1 S, 9.1 E Dungeon
Wandering Archmage 34.3 S, 14.4 E Vendor
Western Al-Arqas Lifestone 31.2 S, 10.8 E Lifestone

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