Asherons Call: Spotlight on: Nanto


Map of Nanto

History of Nanto
Nanto has but few shops that offer the basic necessities for travelers heading south to Mayoi, west to Lin or north to other Sho towns. Along with a collector that specializes in the odd items, there is a Rat Killer that will purchase any rat tails, with a fondness for the rarer grey rat tails.

West from Nanto is a beautiful set of waterfalls named Blue Ghost Falls, with a portal to Yanshi and a lifestone a little further west along the road. Deep within the mountain is a Water Temple that holds a special bottle of water. You will need to make your way through many drudges to find the bottle near a refreshing fountain.

Traveling near the road is advisable, for the hills surrounding Nanto are infested with packs of Drudges, Shreths, Wasps and other hideous creatures.

The Northern Outpost of Nanto, nestled within a small wooded area provides a great resting spot for those that are traveling to or from the northern cities.

Nanto’s Eastern Outpost is just a short distance from the sea and the ocean breezes. Inuo KunKou the Enchanter had his book stolen by the drudges that hide within the candle lit dungeon overlooking the shoreline east of the outpost.

Nearby Attractions

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Bluespire Portal 52.7 S, 79.8 E Town Portal  
Eastern Nanto Outpost Lifestone 52.4 S, 85.4 E Lifestone  
Empyrean Garrison 54.2 S, 81.8 E Dungeon  
Festival Stone of Morntide 53.1 S, 78.6 E Landmark  
Ikomi Ra, Jojii Adherent (NPC) 49.1 S, 81.7 E Vendor  
Lytaway Dungeon 52.6 S, 86.7 E Dungeon Level 1-6
Mannikin Foundry Portal 52.5 S, 82.1 E Dungeon  
Mannikin Foundry to Nanto 52.5 S, 82.1 E Underground Portal  
Meditation Meadow (Cottages) 49.5 S, 84.9 E Village Purchase Item: Iron Heart
Mysterious Tunnels 52.8 S, 82.9 E Dungeon Levels 1-20
Nanto Lifestone 52.2 S, 81.6 E Lifestone  
Nanto Rat Lair 54.1 S, 79.5 E Dungeon Levels 1-6
Nanto to Yanshi 52.7 S, 80.3 E Town Portal  
Nanto Waterfall Lifestone 52.7 S, 80.2 E Lifestone  
Nanto Wing Collector 52.4 S, 82 E Vendor  
Northern Nanto Outpost Lifestone 49.1 S, 81.6 E Lifestone  
Oneros, the Lugian 52.4 S, 81.8 E Vendor  
Roadside Merchant, Healer, Archmage 57.4 S, 80.3 E Vendor  
Small Creepy Statue 52.7 S, 82.3 E Landmark  
Student 52.7 S, 82.5 E Vendor  
Unnamed Villa 55.3 S, 86.5 E Village  
Wa Shi, Rat Collector 52.4 S, 82 E Vendor  
Water Temple 52.1 S, 80.3 E Dungeon Levels 1-20

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