Asherons Call: Spotlight on: Samsur

Map of Samsur

History of Samsur
Shortly after their arrival on Dereth, the Gharu’ndim people, led by Musansayn, founded Samsur in the desert plains west of the Faranar hills. After his disappearance in the desert wilds several years later, the townsfolk of Samsur erected a fountain to commemorate their missing leader.

Samsur was built in a small, sheltered valley. The bluffs surrounding it help protect it from the harsh winds and with the abundant water provided by the underground river that feeds the fountain, the area is always lush and green.

Nearby Attractions

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3 Towers Merchant 4.5 S, 23.5 E Vendor
A Ruin 3.3 S, 20.5 E Dungeon
Abandoned Tents 3 S, 24.2 E Landmark
Apple Grove 3.3 S, 19.7 E Landmark
Binar Dungeon 6.2 S, 20.1 E Dungeon
Binar Lifestone 5.5 S, 19.9 E Lifestone
Drudge Camp 3.7 S, 23.8 E Landmark
Drudge Cave 2.6 S, 17.5 E Landmark
Drudge House 4 S, 18.7 E Landmark
Drudge House 5 S, 17.5 E Landmark
Drudge Tower 4.6 S, 24.4 E Landmark
Dry Well 5 S, 20.9 E Dungeon
Dungeon Manor 2 S, 19.8 E Dungeon
Eastern Samsur Outpost Lifestone 3.1 S, 22.2 E Lifestone
Empty Lifestone Brackets 2.7 S, 20.4 E Landmark
Empyrean Ruins 4.4 S, 19.9 E Landmark
Festival Stone of Verdantine 3.5 S, 16 E Landmark
Hahnain 2.5 S, 16.4 E Vendor
Mannikin Foundry Portal 2.9 S, 19.4 E Dungeon
Mannikin Foundry to Nanto 2.9 S, 19.4 E Underground Portal
Merchant 4.1 S, 17.3 E Vendor
Merchant Lifestone 4.4 S, 23.5 E Lifestone
Mnemosyne Collection Site 2.5 S, 16.4 E Dungeon
Musansayn’s Vaults 1 S, 18.7 E Dungeon
Northwestern Samsur Outpost Lifestone 0.1 N, 16.3 E Lifestone
Obsidian Enchanter (Samsur) 3.8 S, 20.6 E Vendor
Redspire Portal 3.5 S, 22.4 E Town Portal
Renselm 2.5 S, 16.4 E Vendor
Roadside Lifestone 4.3 S, 15.9 E Lifestone
Saelar 2.5 S, 16.4 E Vendor
Samsur Collector 2.8 S, 19.6 E Vendor
Samsur Crater 0.8 S, 22 E Landmark
Samsur Settlement Portals 0.9 S, 19 E Portal Hub
Samsur to Holtburg 1.8 S, 18.3 E Town Portal
Samsur to Yaraq 3.8 S, 18.6 E Town Portal
Samsur Trophy Smith 2.8 S, 19.5 E Vendor
Skeleton Tent 2.1 N, 18.4 E Landmark
Small Cave 4.2 S, 17.3 E Dungeon
Twin Faces 3.1 S, 21.4 E Landmark
Victory Residential Halls 3.2 S, 19.1 E Portal Hub
Victory Residential Halls to Khayyaban 3.2 S, 19.1 E Underground Portal
Victory Residential Halls to Lin 3.2 S, 19.1 E Underground Portal
Victory Residential Halls to Samsur 3.2 S, 19.1 E Underground Portal
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