Asherons Call: Spotlight On: Tufa

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Map of Tufa


History of Tufa

While Ferah and Ler Rhan’s Thorns attacked Cragstone and Arwic, drawing the attentions of the defenders, the elder Shadows destroyed a long-buried circle of standing stones beneath the oasis of Tufa.

Gondibyr Langarl’s sloe-eyes tightened in rage, and he seemed to acquire more than his usual stature. I did not like the way the shadows fell upon his face in the guttering light of his firebrand. He opened his mouth to rebut, but Kei spoke quietly. “Sir?” She did not move or look up from her meditation. The white mage turned his tired eyes to her. “Tufa was also attacked, my lord,” she said. “It was destroyed.”

Nearby Attractions

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Location Name

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Aerbax Laboratory 10.1 S, 8.1 E Dungeon
Arena 18.5 S, 3.7 E Dungeon
Arrak (Cottages) 9.5 S, 4.8 E Village
Bleached Skull Wastes (Cottages) 14.3 S, 9.6 E Village
Dueling Arena Lifestone 18.5 S, 3.7 E Lifestone
Mammet Foundry to Baishi 14.9 S, 5.8 E Underground Portal
Portal to South Mount Esper 18.7 S, 6.8 E Wilderness Portal
Sand Shallow 11.5 S, 0.7 E Dungeon
Sand Shallow Cottages 12.7 S, 0.9 E Village
Skeleton Bunker 15.7 S, 1.1 E Landmark
Tomb of the Dead 18.4 S, 9.3 E Dungeon
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