Alex “Ibn” Beckers psoted this on the Turbine boards:

We have some additional bad news.

While attempting to transfer the world data from the old server to the new one, the old server crashed multiple times. It no longer appears capable of staying stable for the time required to complete the transition.

After much discussion, we have decided that the best course of action is to bring the world data over from the last good backup. This will remove the old server from the equation and allow us to bring the worlds back up as quickly as possible. Therefore we have made the difficult decision to roll back all four worlds — Solclaim, Leafcull, Frostfell, and Thistledown — to the last good backup at approximately 4AM PDT / 7AM EDT / 11AM UTC on Sunday July 25.

We are currently working on the backup restore to the new hardware, when it is complete we will begin bringing the worlds back up. The worlds will be brought up in the order listed in the previous post. The ETA for all four worlds to be up and running is 24-48 hours from this post. Unfortunately the discovery of data corruption and the need to restore from backup has added additional time to this task.

We apologize again for this extended downtime and rollback, and thank you for your understanding and patience.

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