As I meantioned in the previous post, I am going to make another PK video. The following people are strongly encouraged to attend the shoot.

1. Drone
2. Mortimus
3. Nitemare
4. Cereal Killa
5. Dead Mage (?)
5. Stolana
6. Wolfmage
7. Red Fusion
8. Diet-Barq’s
9. Zeretul’s Minion
10. Squal Leonhart
11. Puncture
12. Michael J Cox
13. Immortal Mage
14. Countess of Fire
15. Delta-Plus-Mage
16. Kaiia
17. Plaggis Mage
18. Deva Jonas <?>
19. Carlon
20. Mirken/Evoric

Please note: I realize some of these players may not still play, however, if you see them, know them, please tell them to read the thread and just tell them what is going on.

1. All fights will be authentic, any staging will result in forfeit. (I know you all have skill so please, show it)
2. One person will handle all the winnings, Plats, Sings, ETC.

Risen Fire gladly donates 10 Sings to the winner of the video contest. Also acknowledges a “pot” which means if someone donates above 100 plats worth, Risen Fire will add an additional 100 plats to the pot. However, if the 100 plat donations is not met, the winner will recieve what donations and/or contributions that had been made.

Gran Prize=10 sings,all of the pot.

2nd Place= 50 Plats

3rd Place= 25 plats

All entried and applicants will be in the video if you wish to not be in the video /tell Risen Fire in game or reply to this thread or as always, PM me on the vault. Please note: If you plan on not being in the video, you will forfeit the contest. The whole point of the contest is to show DT that “they ain’t all that” [inserts southern accent]. And to have a leet video posted on more than just this website.

Update 9PM EST
I will be extending the times I will be recording all the way till Sunday Night at 12 AM Monday Morning. The finished project and the awards will be distributed at the time the video is posted on the vault, as well as who won etc. I encourage everyone to actually try cause you guys are the l33test of l33test. NO flaming on this thread please happy

Get Practicing! AND Happy PKing happy

Sign up “here”

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