The scribes have dusted off newfound scrolls detailing the life and times of the grand adventurer Chin-Wa.

Thistledown 2, 15 P.Y. (March 19, 2000)

This is a rather sad time for me, as Ishi is away on allegiance matters. She has a new patron, in the same allegiance (a woman this time), so all is well with her. We spent last night chasing each other across the sands of the A’mun desert, slaying foes along the way, and finally watching the sun set and the stars come out, camping in each others’ arms. The next morning, I awoke cold and alone. She had left me a note of farewell, and I could feel the remains of her kiss on my lips, that she placed as I slept.

The stories can be found on display in the library, feel free to stop on by and read them.

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