Yrsa states: Regarding the cash macro exploits, please send them to bugs.zone.com.
srand: The ‘money macro’ is a side effect of the bug with [Sorry, can’t let you post that. ]. This bug will be fixed with the May update. We will not be hotfixing nor rolling back for this issue. And you can stop sending me PM’s about it, thanks. We know already. :>

Azey states: There’s a bug in the Reedshark Camp. The Tumerok Majors in the reedshark training camp are the wrong ones. They’re the smaller brown ones like the ones in the falcon camp. As such, they’re only dropping reinforced hafts instead of plated.
srand: I’m aware of it. It’ll be fixed with the May update

Turbis_of_MT asks: Possible bug with bowspikes? I cannot fletch deadly Armor Pierce or deadly Frogcrotch bowspikes.
Orion-Turbine: This is not a bug, it is by design. Actually they do have slashing and piercing, you might just need to think about how to get those.

Circeus asks: The Casting Stein is a nice little item. The only thing I didn’t like was having to target myself to cast the spell. Kinda didn’t seem to make sense to me.
srand: I had enough trouble getting the damned orb to let you cast an inherent spell on yourself; getting it to act like a real self spell would have taken another month solid.

Yek Yai Edward states: There is a bug with Spikes. When you fletch normal spikes (I.E., using standards ‘arrowheads’ and not broadhead, etc) you get a bundle of *greater* spikes. That sounds good at first glance, until you realize you can’t wield them ‘cos your newbie’s skill is too low.
Orion_Turbine: Is a bug that we will fix next month.

Mfalcon asks: Is the Plate/Hoary spine reward not implemented yet?
srand: We were hoping to get it done, but some other issues pushed it off our plate for April. We’ll get to it — but I fear it’s not a terribly high priority right this instant.

Hwo-We asks: The Assault Sword is not doing pierce animation or damage at any speed. Is this intentional?
srand: The Assault sword does indeed only do slashing right now. This issue will be resolved with the May update.

Archeron asks: We were told that this month would see the updating of monster loot profiles to match their new levels. There is no mention of this in the patch notes. Was this done this month? If not, when will it be done?
srand: That’s odd. I could have sworn that was in there. But no, it obviously isn’t. Hmm … Anyway, some creatures whose loot profiles were wildly askew from their new level range did indeed have their loot profiles brought up to par with this update.
srand later: I had thought that updated loot profiles were mentioned in the dev notes, but they are apparently not. Regardless of that, we did indeed update some loot profiles. But more to the point — and I think this is what is causing the confusion — we did not update loot across the board. We updated certain loot profiles that we knew were out of whack — like Desolation Moarsmen and Imperial Mumiyahs, among others. There are likely other creatures whose loot is not quite up to snuff, and if you’d like to tell us about any that you’ve run across we’d be happy to take a look at them. Oh, and for the record, no one has touched Harvester or Gardener loot for months.

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