On ACVault this week, The Dungeon Dweller’s Guide to Dereth: Journal Entry, Lugians, Devastator has devoted his entire column to one of his infamous “Old Tattered Journal” entries.

[i]I made my way down the corridor back to the hordes of Lugians. I stopped just shy of entering, and began to enhance my powers and protections. Several bright lights, fireworks and spell incantations later, I was protected like a tank. I slid myself into the large apex area. The Lugians were still there, although they seemed to be poking around at something.

It turns out they were poking around the ethereal form of my corpse. For some strange reason, this world produces a corpse for those whom have been resurrected by the powerful lifestone. Strange forces make you drop multiple items of value. If you are lucky enough to retrieve your corpse, those items can be taken from it. I find it morbid to stare at my ethereal form, but to each his own, especially if I can retrieve items worth 50,000 pyreal or more that were left behind.

I took this opportunity to strike hard while they were unaware, giving myself a bit more of an upper hand. Three Lugians caught the brunt of my onslaught of acid blasts, each tumbling down with a noticeable thud. The remaining began to chuck their rocks again. This time, I closed in, where using boulders is not exactly advantageous. Of course, that only made them pull out their heavy axes and maces. I was ready nonetheless.


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