Asherons Call: The Elusive Allegiance Hall

Well okay, one thing I’d like to be able to do is fill in all those missing Atlas pics we have here at WCoD. To start off, today I’m targeting Allegiance Halls. Out of 25 Allegiance Halls we only have 8 pictures of them already in the Database.

Please send all pictures to [email protected]. All submissions will be credited in the Atlas on a first come first serve basis. The list of halls that need pictures follows:

Glenden Wood Meeting Hall 30.3 N, 25.6 E
Cragstone Meeting Hall 25.9 N, 47.1 E
Eastham Meeting Hall 19.1 N, 64.2 E
Rithwic Meeting Hall 10.3 N, 57 E
Al-Jalima Meeting Hall 7.5 N, 5.7 E
Lytelthorpe Meeting Hall 1.1 N, 49.1 E
Tufa Meeting Hall 14.1 S, 4.4 E
Yaraq Meeting Hall 21.4 S, 0.6 W
Uziz Meeting Hall 25.7 S, 30 E
Tou-Tou Meeting Hall 28.2 S, 97.1 E
Al-Arqas Meeting Hall 31.9 S, 14.3 E
Hebian-To Meeting Hall 38.9 S, 86.6 E
Baishi Meeting Hall 49.7 S, 61.9 E
Nanto Meeting Hall 52.7 S, 80.1 E
Lin Meeting Hall 54.5 S, 71.9 E
Mayoi Meeting Hall 61.6 S, 83.4 E
Qalaba’r Meeting Hall 74.6 S, 20.6 E

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