In another thread, Flesheater pointed out a perception that the expansion pack is geared towards high-level players only. I can see how people would get that idea, as a lot of the “buzz” is over the level cap raise and the augmentation gems system, which are indeed additions that primarily benefit our highest-level characters.

What gets lost in the shuffle, because we don’t have “back of the box” features related to them, is that we are spending a lot of time on content for low levels as well. A large chunk of the quests we have been working on are intended for new characters (levels 1-20). We had two main intentions with this expansion pack: to raise the achievement bar for high-level players (levels 100+), and to up the game’s appeal to new or re-rolling players. So with this expansion, you can expect a lot of content aimed at the upper and lower ends of the spectrum.

That’s not to say that we are neglecting mid-level players. As meanbeard pointed out, we have quests and content aimed for all levels. But it would be fair to say that the bulk of the work has gone into the low and very high levels. Mid-levels have a lot of quests available to them right now, and while I will reiterate that we are not planning to neglect mid-level players with this expansion, we did feel, and I hope you agree, that the best investment of our time was to add new quests and systems to keep the high-level players entertained, and to maximize the fun for new players and players re-rolling with Viamontian characters.

I hope this alleviates some of the concerns people have been expressing.


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