Well, all I can say is WOW! I made a list, checked it twice and guess what I found? Not enough armor! *wink*

The following list is Shadow Armor currently missing from the armor compendium. So dig through those mules and see what you’ve got stashed away, k? *hint* *hint*

As always, I appreciate your help and will be “loud and proud” with my THANK YOU! *nudge* *nudge*


Lesser Amuli Leggings – Prepatch
Amuli Shadow Leggings – Postpatch
Amuli Shadow Leggings – Prepatch
Amuli Shadow Leggings of Acid
Amuli Shadow Leggings of Flame
Amuli Shadow Leggings of Frost
Amuli Shadow Leggings of Lightning
Lesser Amuli Coat – Prepatch
Amuli Shadow Coat – Prepatch
Amuli Shadow Coat – Postpatch
Amuli Shadow Coat of Acid
Amuli Shadow Coat of Flame
Amuli Shadow Coat of Frost
Amuli Shadow Coat of Lightning

Please remember all submission should be in .jpg format and include a picture! Can’t make you famous without a picture, now can I? *grin*

Edited for sheer idiocy on my part…I need a nap! *sigh*


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