Asherons Call: The Great Armor Search Part 2!


Hi there! Ayup, it’s me again. *wink*

This week, dear readers, I’m looking for armor associated with questing! You love quests, right? Well, we’re missing the following items from the compendium, so once again, I’d appreciate any information you could send along for the following:

Luminescent Runic Helm
Missile Defense Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo
Spear Tattoo
Dusty Sollerets
Beltslora’s Pretty Shirt

and because I’m having a devil of a time finding these, I’ll list the last remaining few of this missing Sharded GSX:

Frosty Celdon Breastplate
Hardened Celdon Breastplate
Brilliant Celdon Sleeves
Searing Koujia Breastplate
Frosty Koujia Sleeves
Brilliant Koujia Leggings
Frosty Koujia Leggings
Plated Koujia Leggings

Thanks for all your help in the past! I look forward to recieving your submissions to me at:Email Me!

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