So….. Tell us Kwip, what do you think about the local merchants in the land of Dereth?

Just answer me this: HOW do these guys manage to keep their stores?

Let’s face it, when we first arrived on Dereth, it was perfectly acceptable to sell stuff and not know what the hell you were doing. None of us knew what we were doing, so you fit in. And hey, if you were a mighty TWELFTH level, it was obvious you know LOADS more than us mere 4th or 5th level guys and gals!

But now, here we are, capped characters everywhere you look, and who’s running the shops? The newbs.

Come on, people. We need to start holding some standards to these slobs! Selling us basic arrows? Are we going to stand for this? It wouldn’t be so bad if these were just wandering bowyers or something. But these guys have all the good spots! Oh, sure, you can set up in Marketplace – but let’s face it: that place is crowded, noisy, and usually full of idiots like Merovingian.

If you would like to experience the rest of Kwips rant, visit Kwips Korner. just take the Portal at the end of the hall and make sure to watch out for the spawn of Diamond Golems on the other end.

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