Well this quest is kind of confusing, and I’m sure their is more tricks to it, or perhaps I got a riddle wrong, but here is how I completed it (almost).

  • First run from the Obsidian Rim to 51.5S 67.9W
  • Before jumping down into the building, be sure to grab a tile off the floor spawning inside on the top level.
  • Jump down and use each of the pillars. You will notice one is different then the other. Drag and drop the carved plate to be teleported inside.
  • You are now in a room with 4 more pillars, a central statue, and a door. Speak to the statue to get your riddle.
  • Pickup one of each of the four tiles spawning on the floor (Red Moon, Yellow Moon, Sun, and Star)
  • Use the red moon on the north, the yellow moon on the south, the sun on the east, and the star west. Go back to middle statue and talk to it, it’ll open the door for you.
  • Choose the correct statue for your level group (red for 100+)
  • Speak to the central statue, she wants you to collect tears.
  • Run south to find a vial.
  • Proceed down to the big room, exit out the east side and turn right. Proceed to the well.
  • Use vial on well and hand back to guardian to be teleported.
  • Now run forest run!!!! This reminds you of Blackmire 2, run to the end, use buttons to open doors, and hit the statue in the big open room to be teleported
  • Mario Time! The platforms in front of you are FAKE! Only the ones that disappear and reappear are real (they only visually disappear not physically)
  • Jump around the right side, all the way around, stopping to hit each of the four red eyes.
  • If you fall, it is a run and a half back up. Head mostly SE or SW to get back to the jump part. I really recommend NOT falling.
  • If you manage to hit all four eyes and not fall, go hit the center portal (you will see it, tis huge) in the same room to be teleported.
  • Monkeys + Burun = New Burun… take your first right and head up to the big room. A lever on one side of the room opens the exit door on the other side.
  • Zixki and his minions spawn here. Zixki is a mean guy who teleports himself and you randomly throughout the dungeon.
  • When Zixki teleports you behind a door, you must run to the end of the hall, kill the ancient soul there, and acquire the key to get back into the main fighting room. I recommend that small groups camp a few keys BEFORE fighting the boss.

Alas welcome to the prize room! Everyone gets Boots and Gaunts. Other prizes a mansion portal, a mace and an xbow.

Ancient Armored Gauntlets, AL 440, Skin of the Fiazhat (armor value +225 pts), Flange Aegis (reduces blud damage by 62%), Restriction Level 100+ to wield.

Ancient Armored Long Boots, AL 440, Skin of the Fiazhat (armor value +225 pts), Lance Aegis (reduces pierce damage by 62%), Restriction Level 100+ to wield.

Biting Ballistae, +190% +10m, Moderate Crossbow Aptitude, Def VI, BD VI, SK VI, Coordination Other VI, Rejuvenation Other VI, Diff. 200, Crossbow 335+, Value 6,000, 1100BU)

Hookable portal teleports you to the North Direlands (12.3S 59.1W).

Special thanks to Sprawl and Eternal Darkness of Frostfell!

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