I’ve just been so busy with all these contests my news posts are behind. UGH. Today’s are Accident of Leafcull. I just love Limericks!

There once was a mage named Lalanna
Who was quite attractive to fauna.
She just died too fast
To run, heal, or cast —
At least she won’t run out of mana!

A certain young archer, when fletching,
Wore a hat that she found rather fetching.
Quoth she, “It’s a cinch
To make heads in a pinch,
Though its color has some people retching!”

My gear is a fashion disaster;
No palette of colors is vaster.
Each bug as it dies
Hollers out, “Argh, my eyes!”
With mismatching mail, I’m a master!

The cow by the Arwic lifestone
Asked, “Can’t you folks leave me alone?
Being tipped for a fad
Drives this bovine quite mad,
And I hate when you tell me you ‘pwn.'”

My goal’s the Obsidian Plains,
So high in experience gains.
But I’ll not get far
‘Less I raise the bar
On my Run skill, my health, and my banes.

The obtuse young mage cried, “I see!
It’s this hyssop here that holds the key!
Of the herbs in my pack
This alone did I lack.
All this time I’d used it to brew tea!”

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