While some of us tried to defend the XP seekers in line in Shoushi from a TM and Eviscerators, eventually Shoushi was brought to its knees. The following Admin messages have sinec been seen regarding Shoushi:

The subserver that is handling Shoushi is experiencing some issues. You may become stuck or lose connection. Don’t panic! And stay out of Shoushi for now, if you can.


Since we can’t get into Shoushi right now either, it is probably safe to say that you can leave your place in line.

Meanwhile loads of fun as the shadow attacks contine:

The wind brings tidings: The shadow of Ler Rhan has been destroyed by Heatmiser! Coolly, the Shadow General moves on to the plains nigh upon the borders of the Aluvian realm. Seek again the aspect of Ler Rhan; he may be reached soon…soon…

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